Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pain with Intercourse

Took a couple days to organize my thoughts and was not quite sure where to start. So as I do with each one of my patients, I will start at the beginning and with the basics.

Decided to answer most of your emails emphasizing - pain is not normal. Pain is the body saying there is something wrong. See your physician.  I welcome direct questions before a physician’s visit, but there are lots of simple tests that can be performed and medical information you can ask your primary health care provider. Most insurances require you to do it anyway before you can ask or get a physical therapy referral.  Then you can proceed to look for a physical therapist.
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 Once medically cleared, a physical therapist can assess the skin, fascia, connective tissues, muscles and bones. Therapists are also able to analyze the proper positioning of these structures and diagnose movement dysfunctions.  Some therapists specialize in biofeedback for the pelvic floor and have additional training in pelvic physical therapy. A physical therapist can also examine referring pain; this where where the problem area is different than the where the body is presenting with pain.

Once problems (usually more than one) are identified, a physical therapist can assist in decreasing pain and improving the experience of intercourse.  Therapy can include exercise, hands on techniques, education, biofeedback, and desensitization. Health psychology is also used in the women’s physical therapy practice.

Pelvic physical therapy requires patience, patience, patience, trust and adherence to “homework”.  This is also true for the patient’s partner. I can not stress how more successful intercourse is with a partner that is encouraging, honest, open, trustful and involved in pelvic physical therapy. Not like they have to be at any of the appointments, but to realize with patience, persistence, and delicate work, both partners can return to having incredible, wonderful sex.

Will elaborate on your topics as well as treatment options soon. Thank you for your questions.

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